Marking Systems

Markings directly from the data base on the workpiece

Markings for additional production steps such as bending, shipping, assembly into components, or even markings for your customer can be made.

Printing is carried out directly via the PowerCut software with information from the database. There are three different marking systems available in conjunction with the punching machines:

  • Inkjet printer
  • Dot marker
  • Laser marker
  • Label printer

The inkjet printer is suitable for fast marking. The ink dries instantly
and enables fast process times. Using a speical solvent, the ink can be removed at a later time.

A dot marker is suitable for permanently marking workpieces. This variant is particularly useful for workpieces that will be coated, as the embossing remains visible even after subsequent coating. EHRT offers two different models for dot marking. One option is an internal dot marker integrated in the punching process. The other option is an external dot marker which operates independently of the punching process. Both options can be ordered with the machine, or retrofitted later. Both models offer many options for markings on the workpiece,
as well as different text fields for texts, symbols, or logos.

The laser marker is a viable alternative to the needle marker – likewise, it is suitable for permanent marking. It is possible to machine a broad variety of materials. Moreover, it is extremely user friendly, and not susceptible to disrupting influences from the production process. In addition, the laser marker is virtually noiseless, and despite its high quality of performance, low-maintenance.

The label printer is a low-cost entry-level model for marking workpieces. Texts or a barcode can be added to individual labels,
which can then be attached to the workpiece. These can then be identified in the future, e.g. with a barcode scanner.

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