RS contour tool

The tool system with specialized die guidance from EHRT

The new RS contour tool is the advanced successor of the EHRT tools for contour shapes, open shapes, and tools that are used especially for nibbling.

Regarding the spring assemblies, well-proven EHRT technology was applied. Therefore, the external appearance of the RS contour tool closely resembles that of the familiar QuickChange or QuickLock tools.

The special features are in the tool itself. Here, the many years of experience in tool construction were utilised in order to develop a particularly robust guided tool unit.

A rectangular contour was chosen for the ram area, which constitutes an advantage. Notably, this contour enables implementing the anti-rotation device directly on the ram, so that no further guidance is required in the scraper area. In addition, this robust guide can absorb high bending and torsion forces caused by the punching process, which leads to a significantly improved service life and increases the accuracy of the workpiece, especially for open shapes or nibbling.
Virtually any contour shape or even multiple punchings of any desired punch material can be produced with one tool.

One special type of the RS contour tool is the cutting tool for the FlexPunch series. Its sturdy construction design and the punch geometry enable the realisation of a previously unattainable cutting width: Material up to 60 mm can be cut in one stroke.

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