Data interface for machine monitoring and production analysis

EMI (EHRT Machine Interface) is a data interface that allows a server to be installed on the respective machine, a network computer or in the cloud. It is used to develop IIoT solutions.
The data interface uses the MQTT protocol, and data is exchanged via Ethernet. The entire communication system runs on a shared server. Data about the machine is collected and can be evaluated through client software. EMI is thus used to monitor the machine and can deliver the following messages, among others:

  • Warnings and errors
  • Status change (automatic, manual, in production…) (PDA) Production planning and monitoring (MES): Production order, Production status
  • Machine data retrieval: Operating hours, production hours, hydraulic hours, punching strokes, excessive temperature of hydraulics, number of operations per MultiTool, number of operations per punch Maintenance planning

By evaluating this data, a precise analysis of the production can be carried out, for example to increase efficiency. It can furthermore be used to determine if tools are positioned correctly in the tool bar, or whether another positioning would be more efficient.

Status changes are logged and can be traced through EMI. Therefore, machine data, for instance future maintenance due dates, is always readily available to be retrieved. Together with the PLC, the signals can be used to synchronise machines (e.g. downstream milling machine).

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