The intuitive software solutions for punching- and bending machines

PowerCut and PowerBend are intuitive software solutions for the bending (PowerBend) and punching machines (PowerCut) developed by EHRT.

The standard software is included with the respective machine and is used for controlling the machine and programming the workpieces. This ensures simple, intuitive programming, even for complex workpieces. The programmed workpiece is shown to the operator directly on the touch display of the machine so that they can see an illustration of the workpiece.

The software supports data import from different sources. Among them are the multivendor-capable format DXF, but also data from EPLAN, Optimation, Metamation, and WiCAM. Thus. the options for programming workpieces and for nesting production orders.

In addition, there is an Office version that enables the company to carry out production planning from the office without having to physically access the respective machine. The third option is a network license for the programmes. This links the machines with a database and thus ensures that all machines can work with a shared data set. One data set is therefore sufficient for one workpiece, even if it contains bendings as well as punchings.

All three software options provide optimal support for the production process. In addition, the network license ensures that a significant amount of time is saved.

As the complete software package is developed by EHRT, it is inter-coordinated with the machines as well as with customer requirements. Furthermore, the software is designed to allow for customer-created data to be accessed and used across different software generations and versions.

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