The solution for optimised nesting of production orders

it is often difficult for companies to optimally organise production orders. PunchPRO offers the solution by providing different options for optimally nesting production orders on the EHRT punching machines based on the respective demand.

Most importantly, PunchPRO can arrange orders in ways which optimise material use. This does not, however, influence the respective sequence, as it is purely a matter of optimising material
utilisation. This minimises raw material waste and ultimately reduces costs.

In addition, the production sequence can be sorted manually. In this case, for example, bent parts can be sorted so that they can be manufactured with priority. This enables the machine operator to bend the workpieces after punching, and the punching machine continues to produce without needing personnel. Another example is sorting by orders, which completes any single order entirely. This procedure reduces sorting time and associated personnel costs. With manual sorting, the utilisation of material can be optionally improved by slightly changing the workpiece sequence using the software. Additionally, it is possible to determine optional workpieces as fillers in order to optimally utilize oddments after nesting.

The production orders are clearly represented to the operator. A status query of the respective order can be carried out from an office as well as by the operator himself. Entire production shifts can therefore be easily planned in advance. Recurring production orders can be saved, so that only the quantity needs to be adjusted.

In addition, PunchPRO interfaces with the ERP system, which allows orders to be generated directly. Summaries for the machine operator can be generated as text or PDF files from the programme. Following or during a production process, a set-actual comparison can be carried out with the software. Through the system, it can be monitored whether the planned quantities match the quantities actually produced. This allows for missing stock to be quickly and easily included in a new order.

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