EA 45° ChamferStation

The user-friendly variant for milling chamfers

The ChamferStation enables the milling of chamfers. This machine will be fitted with a radius cutter , so that, in addition to the milling of chamfers, the milling of a radius is possible. The size of the chamfer (e.g. 2×45°) can be set up quickly and conveniently on the machine. For two chamfers on the long sides (50x8mm) of a workpiece, the entire process on each site takes approximately 6 seconds, which includes the feeding and pulling of the material. Thanks to the special feeding of material on the ChamferStation, flat stock is guided in the most efficient way, which significantly facilitates operating the machine, and, compared to a single deburring device, expedites the process. The ChamferStation offers further advantages helpful for the process of deburring and chamfering. It can be equipped with a safety foot switch, which ensures that the machine can only be operated while the switch is consciously pressed. This reduces noise load and energy consumption in production facilities. Extraction removal for Chips is already integrated, so that no additional extraction systems are necessary. Furthermore, drawers in the below floor unit provide additional storage space.
There, additional required tools (for example cordless screwdriver or angle grinder) can be stored readily available and within reach. By means of an electrical outlet located on the machine, the workpiece can be completed with the additional tools right in the drawers of the ChamferStation’s floor unit. Moreover, the machine’s installation location can be chosen flexibly, as the underframe is wheeled. Therefore, the ChamferStation can be used on multiple machines and can be integrated into the individual processes consistently.

The EA 45° ChamferStation is available with four different packages. Each next bigger package already includes the smaller packages and provides further advantages:

  • Standard Package:
    one milling cutter, one radius cutter, tools for the ChamferStation, floor unit with drawers for custom-fit towage of the pieces
  • Basic Package:
    two additional milling cutters, two files (angular, semicircular), PSA (gloves, protective goggles, ear protection, bandaid
  • Convenience Package:
    two additional milling cutters, one safety foot switch, five filters for the extraction system, one voucher for regrinding of the milling cutter
  • Premium Package:
    two additional milling cutters, one cordless screwdriver for additional manual deburring of inaccessible places, 10% discount on spare parts and warranty extension (valid 36 months), one countersink, one burr bit, one drawer  organizer for the additional tools

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